Ways Home Care Assistance Leads to a Longer Healthy Living for Seniors

Most Australians prefer to stay independent and live in their own home for as long as possible as they get older instead of heading to a nursing home. But getting older means that circumstances change; going around and taking care of oneself becomes terribly rough.

The My Aged Care is the government’s online portal that gives a few steps to find and access the government-funded aged care services. Through this website, you or your loved one would be able to access the different services available to the elderly stay at home or the things to be expected in an aged care home.

After looking at the available services, the next step is finding out your eligibility by learning how to apply and what’s involved in the assessment process. If you have been assessed, you’re now ready to find a suitable local service provider. Find out what the things to consider when you are looking to set up an aged care service.

This initiative by the Australian government is extremely helpful for elderlies that still want to stay at home. Home is familiar and where they are comfortable. Home care allows the elderly age in their home exactly as they desire. It helps them maintain a healthy and active lifestyle while staying in their home for as long as possible.

Home care professionals help improve the health, safety, and emotional wellbeing of our loved ones and ensure they’ll stay healthy and remain by our side for as long as possible.

Finally, you can manage the services you are receiving to ensure that they continue to work for you. This is only necessary when you need to make some changes like when the services are delivered, the type of service you receive, and your service provider.

Here are some ways home care assistance can lead to a long and healthy life for our older loved ones.

Prevent Falls and Other Common Injuries

Falls are the most common cause of emergency room visits and has led to more injury deaths compared to transport crash fatalities in Australia, especially among people aged 65 years and older.

Several factors increase the risk of slip and fall accidents for older people including increased age, poor posture control, slow reaction time, infrequent activity, poor vision, impaired balance, medication side effects, and previous injuries or falls.

Environmental hazards that had once seemed harmless such as poor lighting, slippery floors, or bumps in the carpet can become extremely dangerous for old people. Frequently, it’s the combination of all these factors that contribute to these slip and fall accidents.

Falls can easily happen while attempting to carry out even the simplest of household chores such as hauling down the laundry to the basement or reaching for an upper shelf to put away a dish.

Carers can help with the regular everyday tasks and keep your living spaces clean, which would avoid accidents that could potentially cause severe injuries requiring months of rehabilitative care or even death.

Keep the Elders Healthy

Hiring a home care worker also includes getting their full attention. Carers will provide their complete care and attention during their working hours, which is critical when dealing with the elderly with age-related illness and recovery.

As a person ages, the risk of side effects and other medical problems increases as well. Home care professionals are trained to respond to specific health conditions, perform regular monitoring of the client’s medical condition, and ensure medication regimes are followed. It’s a crucial job as 40-75 percent of older people make mistakes when taking their medicines.

Additionally, they would keep the elders healthy by preparing nutritious meals and helping them maintain a healthy and balanced diet. This allows for an added level of security and reassurance to the clients’ well-being.

There’s a reassurance in knowing that a qualified medical caregiver is there when needed.  Existing mobility and health problems means the possibility of an injury or emergency. Family members would be relieved to know that their loved ones are not alone wouldn’t be alone when this happens and are in capable hands.

Providing Companionship and Personalised Care

A caregiver’s companionship impacts not only physical wellbeing but emotional health as well.

Social isolation is a significant problem among the aged who live on their own with impaired mobility and health. Negative feelings such as sadness, pain, numbness, and low self-worth are associated with the feeling of loneliness, which is common in adults and seniors.

Seniors who feel lonely and isolated are more likely to report having poor physical or mental health. Sometimes it’s the combination of the two. However, their mental health is the one especially affected by loneliness.

It may contribute to an onset of mental issues such as poorer overall cognitive performance and depression. In a study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, older adults who described themselves as lonely are found to be twice as likely to develop dementia.

Companionship keeps the elders mentally stimulated and deter these illnesses from appearing. Carers can provide our older loved ones with a familiar face, exchange friendly conversations, and form meaningful human connections which are essential for their emotional well-being.

Even having someone to talk to, accompany them to their clients, or watch their favorite show or game with would be a great value to the elderly client.

Helping them Remain Engaged and Connected

Homecare is an empowering option for millions of elderly Australians longing to age at home. However, staying at home leads to isolation and a diminishing social life, which can increase the risk of depression as well as a multitude of other health problems. While carers can provide companionship, social recreation is still essential for the quality of life after retirement.

Many active seniors trying to age at home find transportation to be a major problem. They may have trouble with walking, seeing or hearing, or remembering directions which would end up with them pulling away from their community and friends. Eventually, they would even isolate themselves.

Professional carers would be able to step in and help the elderly by driving them to run errands or attend social functions.

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